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We are dedicated to providing each and every child who walks through our doors with the desire to dance an opportunity to make that dream come true.


At Hintze Dance Center (HDC), our classes emphasize proper technique and are segregated by level of training to address the needs of beginning, intermediate, and advanced dancers. We offer classes in a variety of disciplines, including jazz, tap, modern, lyrical, ballet, pointe, drill team, and hip-hop. 


In addition to learning proper technique during class, all of our students are given the chance to put what they have learned to use in a custom choreographed group dance routine. All of our students are encouraged to perform on stage during our full costume – studio wide – recital that is held each year in June.


Hintze Dance Center also offers more serious dancers the opportunity for advanced instruction and the chance to compete and perform at local, regional and national dance competitions. Each year, dancers from all over Houston audition for a coveted spot on our highly competitive and award winning Hintze Dance Company teams. Auditions for Mascot (ages 5-6), Apprentice (ages 6-9), Juniors (ages 9-11), Teens (12-24) and Seniors are held each year in June.


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