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Why choose Hintze?


Hintze Dance Center is dedicated to providing each and every child who walks through our doors with the desire to dance an opportunity to make that dream come true.  A good dance education can teach a child to stay active, maintain good posture and it can help a child develop important social skills and priceless life long friendships.


Unfortunately, choosing between dance studios in Houston can be a difficult task, especially when deciding between studios offering classes for comparable prices. Hintze Dance Center has been training dancers for more than 25 years.  Please consider these tips before choosing a dance studio:


  • Attend a recital. One of the best ways to discover the quality of a dance studio is to find out how long they have been around and to attend or view a video of  a recent recital.  You should note the differences between the dancing levels of beginning and advanced students. Don’t get hung up on the age of the dancers. Pay attention to how the more advanced dancers perform (you should be able to see a clear cut difference between recreational and competitive or advanced dancers).

  • Research the credentials of the faculty.  A more professionally focused studio will have teachers who have advanced training and who have previously worked as a professional dancer prior to teaching.   A good studio will have instructors from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  We are very proud to have some extremely qualified and even nationally renkown instructors at Hintze Dance Center.

  • Compare class lengths/studio time requirements. When researching dance studios, be sure to carefully examine the required classroom instruction time per week for each level of dance. Some studios may have comparable monthly rates, however, the quality and commitment time will often vary.

  • Talk with other parents at the studio. Other parents (and students) will most likely give a fairly accurate picture of how the studio works. This can help you discover the studio’s approach to discipline, training, and issues regarding body image-all important factors to consider when choosing a studio. Ask about the studio’s philosophy on all these areas.

  • Try a class at your level.  Although it is hard to judge a school based on a single class. It will provide  a glimpse into the  focus of the studio.  You first class is FREE at Hintze Dance Center . We hope to see you soon!

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